Who We Are

Brooklyn Irish Dance Company was created for dancers, by dancers to develop new opportunities to grow as performers and establish new and innovative creative works. We develop new choreography every season and perform throughout the NYC area for a variety of venues and audiences.


What We Do

LOCAL gigs & corporate EVENTS

3-6 dancers, musicians available upon request

Brooklyn Irish Dance Company custom tailors each performance to work with the event theme, space and audience. We have performed for children’s classes, late night crowds, cultural educational events, and modern showcases throughout NYC, and each performance is as unique as the one before it. Our short performances generally run anywhere from 5-25 minutes and can be performed with live musicians or with prerecorded musical accompaniment.

Educational Assemblies

2-4 dancers with costumes, educational props and accessories

We work with local schools and community organizations to educate children on the history of Irish music and dance, both it’s origins in Ireland and it’s cultural significance in America. Each session runs about 30-45 minutes and includes a variety of dance styles, a look at traditional and modern costumes, dance shoes and accessories, and a short lesson for the kids to learn a traditional Irish jig.

Mainstage performances

8-15 dancers, singers and musicians

We strive to create long form creative works to showcase the full storytelling potential of Irish dance and music. Our mainstage performances occur at least twice a year, with our first holiday performance set to debut this December. Featuring live musicians and singers, each performance is filled with intoxicating choreography and beautiful costumes, set to classic and contemporary Irish tunes. 

Mainstage performances run from 60-75 minutes - pieces from our mainstage performances can be performed in smaller excerpts for corporate parties, events and shorter performance opportunities.